Panoramic X-Ray, 3D

This is the most advanced X-ray device for jaw examination in Estonia: panoramic images, 3D examinations, and lateral and direct shots required in orthodontics can be made with very high accuracy and with very low radiation loads.

A 3D device allows us to get a spatial image of the anatomy of the jaw with very thin layers

If the current X-ray is two-dimensional, then the 3D device allows us to get a spatial image of the anatomy of the jaw with very thin layers.

The New Device Expands Possibilities for the Diagnostics and Treatment of Oral and Dental Diseases

The acquired image is a very precise three-dimensional image of the jaw and teeth. It allows detection of changes that are undetectable with conventional examinations, such as additional roots and canals of the tooth, tooth fractures, hidden inflammation lesions, fistula, periodontitis lesions, etc. Another important area is surgical issues: impacted and extra teeth, cysts, inflammations, mandibular joint diseases.

The main use of 3D is naturally related to dental implantation.

Implants Planned Using a 3D Image – The Most Accurate and Secure Solution

In a three-dimensional image, the height, width and distance of anatomical structures (maxillary sinuses, nerves, etc.) of the jaw can be estimated more accurately than in any other way. In addition to bone measurement, a virtual implant can be placed in the image of the jaw and thus the possibility of implant placement, the need for bone restoration and other necessary activities and risks can be assessed. This is called virtual planning of implantation. Virtual planning is particularly important in case of a completely toothless jaw, where implants can be placed in the right position and operation time significantly reduced only using this method, which is very important for healing.

Virtual planning with Simplant software and an individual jaw fragment with an operation guide plate ordered from Belgium have already been used at Ode Dental Clinic for years. A suitable examination for this was previously carried out with a CT scan of the whole body. The new device allows pre-implantation examination and planning to be carried out faster, more precisely and with significantly lower radiation loads.

With a virtually planned operation guide plate, implants can be quickly placed in the intended places and a previously made prosthesis immediately attached. This so-called “teeth in one day” solution is the most convenient way for prosthetics of complete edentulism.

Advantages of the New Device: Speed, Imaging Accuracy and Low Radiation Loads

The device produces a very accurate image, because the patient’s head is firmly held in place and the examination time is short, only about 10 to 20 seconds. The patient does not receive X-rays continuously during the examination, but in pulses, so the radiation dose is several times lower than that of a corresponding examination via CT scan.

The patient is sitting during the examination and the machine works like a common panoramic X-ray. This is comfortable for the patient and helps avoid movements during the examination.

A Five-Layer Panoramic Image

As a main innovation, the device can take 5 images of different layers of the jaws in a single panoramic shot. This is very important for patients with occlusion issues, also periodontic diseases, root canal treatment, patients with implants and in many other cases. In addition, there are programs for examinations of very wide jaws, children and the mandibular joint.

Ode Dental Clinic Specializes in Implantation and Maxillofacial Surgery Supported by 3D Examinations

Our clinic uses a methodology of jaw augmentation and implantation acquired in Germany with good results

Our clinic uses a methodology of jaw augmentation and implantation acquired in Germany with good results, which would be very difficult to carry out without virtual planning. It is done by two surgeons and three prosthodontists who have been specially trained. The utilized method allows to restore extensive jaw defects in one surgery, which renders the treatment faster and cheaper.

Prosthetics specialists Liina Krünvald, Ilmar Roosimaa and Tanel Ivask discuss in detail every more complex case of virtual planning.

We offer examinations on the new X-ray equipment to our patients and all other people in need of help across Estonia.


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